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Cash Management Account

Income Asset Management introduces the IAM Cash Management Account which is designed as an at-call ‘Cash Hub’ to enhance clients’ overall investment experience with their cash and bond investments.

The provider of the IAM Cash Management Account is Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ABN 11 005 357 222) and operated by Income Asset Management FI Ltd (ABN 86 111 273 048), trading as IAM Capital Markets.

These include:

  • Providing a settlement account for your trading needs.
  • Visibility and control of your funds to assist with a seamless trading experience.
  • Client account balances updated once daily.

What you need to know about the IAM Cash Management Account

What is an IAM Cash Management Account?

The IAM Cash Management Account works as an at-call transactional account held with Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ABN 11 005 357 222) and operated by Income Asset Management as IAM Capital Markets on a client’s behalf (in accordance with the Australian client monies trust account rules) for the purposes of managing transactions on their accounts.

Each client’s account is uniquely registered to them, with funds beneficially held in the clients’ name and recorded separately. Clients, however, will not have direct access to operate the account. Withdrawals from the account can be made as set out below.

Income Asset Management does not have the ability to transfer cash other than to nominated accounts of the client or to settle transactions.

The IAM Cash Management Account gives the investor/depositor ownership rights in respect to the Deposit Account through ANZ. You may be entitled to payment under the Federal Government’s Financial Claims Scheme. Payments under the Financial Claims Scheme are subject to a limit for each depositor. Information about the Financial Claims Scheme can be obtained from

How is an IAM Cash Management Account opened?

Every Capital Markets client will automatically have a separate/individual account opened during the client onboarding process.

Where can I find information about the IAM Cash Management Account?

Once the application has been processed, the relevant IAM Cash Management Account BSB and account number/s are sent in a welcome email as well as displayed via the IAM Capital Markets ( or Income Asset Management Portal (  These details should be used for all ongoing communications.

If you have any queries, please contact [email protected]  or 1300 784 132.

How are funds transferred to the account?

Funds can be transferred via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and BPAY into the relevant IAM Cash Management Account using internet or mobile banking with a client’s preferred bank.

To avoid rejections ensure to always send funds to the IAM Cash Management Account BSB and Account Number or BPAY Biller Code and Customer Reference Number that is quoted on the welcome document as well as on the Income Asset Management or IAM Capital Markets portal.

Note: Anyone can deposit funds into a client’s account, provided the IAM Capital Markets BSB and Account Number is exact. The account should not receive funds before it is active (2 days from email receipt).

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Note: We can only deposit funds into the name of the account holders’ verified external linked bank account. We do not pay to third parties.

Please submit the withdrawal request once via one of the methods below:

Via IAM Portal:

Please login to the Income Asset Management Portal (if applicable) to submit a withdrawal request directly to our Income Asset Management Operations Team.

Via email:

Please sign and return the IAM Cash Management Account Withdrawal Form to [email protected] with this subject line to better identify your request: “IAM Cash Management Account – Withdrawal Request: Name Account XXXXXXXX”.

Please note, digital signatures are accepted.

What is the last daily transaction (cut-off) time?

Depending on the time the payment instruction is received, transactions will be processed either by close of business the same day or the next business day.
Note: No transactions will be processed on Australian National Public Holidays and will be released the next business day.

Payment Type Last Daily Transaction Delivery Time Fee
Domestic Payment EFT 1:00pm Overnight No
RTGS 1:00pm Same day $12

What rate of return is available with the IAM Cash Management Account?

Applicable Rate Min. Investment Amount
Retail Clients1

Retails clients are those clients who are individuals (natural persons), SMSFs, or family trusts with <$2m in cash (as opposed to assets), and who continue to retain all rights regarding withdrawal or movement of their funds.

0.40% $50,000
Wholesale Clients2

Clients classified as wholesale types include but are not limited to private companies, councils, associations and charities.

0.05% $50,000

Excluded client types for the IAM Cash Management Account product include but are not limited to Public Companies, Financial Institutions, Funds or Custodians. To learn more about the IAM Cash Management Account, please consult the Financial Services Guide below.

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