About Capital Markets

Capital Markets was set up by the Income Asset Management group to provide greater access to corporate bonds for wholesale investors (certified by their Accountants) and eligible Australians including Financial Advisers (with wholesale clients) and Investment Policymakers.

Combining first class fixed income and bond broking expertise, state-of-the-art trading technology and external leading market research from BondAdviser, Capital Markets provides greater access and transparency to the corporate bond market for eligible investors.

Fixed income investing is a vital component of a healthy investment portfolio; just as important is choosing the right investment vehicle.

Not all fixed income investors have the same level of experience, the time required to manage a portfolio, or the appetite to make investment decision themselves. Through our Direct Fixed Income Investment service, Funds Management offering, and Treasury Management Service, we empower investors to choose a fixed income investment avenue that caters to their investing appetite.

Direct Fixed Income Investment
Funds Management
Treasury Management Service (TMS)
Cash and Term Deposits

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To learn more or speak to a specialist, call us on 1300 784 132 between 9am and 5pm (AEST) weekdays.