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Debt Capital Markets

Debt Capital Markets (DCM) team provides corporates, financials, property, and infrastructure companies flexible funding solutions to diversify funding sources and establish a debt market funding program.

Recent IAM Deals


Our DCM Approach

  • A coordinated approach with the issuer, focused on speed of delivery and transparency.
  • Robust due diligence processes aimed at optimising the lowest cost funding solution.
  • Flexible funding structures; secured, subordinated, and inflation-linked.
  • Innovation to support future capital plans e.g., IPO conversion clause.
  • Deal timeframe of six weeks from mandate.

Distribution and Post-Deal

  • Partnered syndicate approach to expand distribution base and broaden secondary liquidity.
  • Cornerstone participation to reduce deal risk.
  • Regular post deal interaction to assist with future capital plans e.g., refinancing.
  • Rapidly growing distribution base.
  • Ongoing secondary market trading of issues to grow market awareness and support liquidity.