IAM provides diverse solutions for fixed income investors across Treasury Management, Cash, Bonds, Debt Capital Markets, and Asset Management.

IAM values are to operate ethically – putting our clients first, challenging the industry on anti-competitive behaviour (i.e. charging exit fees and low transparency), and adhering to our core values of being the most trusted, honest, fair, diligent and meritocratic financial services company in our field.

Our Services

The IAM Group comprises:

Cash Markets

Australia’s leading and most innovative active cash management solution.

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Capital Markets

We are capital markets specialists, delivering debt funding solutions to corporates across Australia. Our bond business enables wholesale investors to gain direct access to the corporate bonds market.

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Our asset management incubator business for highly rated fund managers to establish and grow their unique portfolio management capability.

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Treasury Management Services (TMS)

A comprehensive solution for clients with complex liquidity needs. TMS optimises cash management, liquidity and income investment strategies. A partnership of three specialist, TMS combines a suite of innovative services to help you plan, implement and manage cash, income investments and currency exposures.

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To learn more or speak to a specialist, call us 9am to 5pm (AEST) weekdays.