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Income Asset Management leverages innovative technology to offer institutional and custodial resources a customisable platform that enhances a firm’s investment workflow.


What We Offer

Rate research & analysis

Approval Workflow

Real-time reporting & compliance

Streamlined KYC & AML

Secure instruction

Maturity management

Secure and compliant

Income Asset Management maintains the highest level of security, privacy and governance, and undertakes ongoing due diligence work to maintain security integrity.
All data is held securely in Australia
Income Asset Management utilises leading state-of-the-art encryption standards and anti-fraud checks
Investor’s funds are never held in a Income Asset Management account or directed by Income Asset Management

Our technology is proudly Australian

The Income Asset Management Institutional Workflow Solution has been written and developed here in Australia and meets the specific requirements of investment managers and custodians when investing in fixed income and cash products.

Cloud hosted in Australia

Scalable serverless architecture


Enterprise grade graph database

Cutting edge web stack

API first design

One Platform, One Solution

Connecting custodians and their clients through one platform with secure real-time notifications including investment approvals, confirmations and maturities.

Through the Income Asset Management platform, your fixed income investing becomes streamlined, efficient and digitised.

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