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Investing in Bonds

IAM provide wholesale investors with direct access to over 350 bonds − including investment grade, high yield, domestic and international.

Direct access to government and corporate bonds, including investment grade and high yield

Income Asset Management – Capital Markets division offers wholesale customers direct access to over 350 bonds including  investment-grade, government, high yield, domestic and international. Our bonds service provides self-directed investors access to the entire sphere of fixed income securities; across the credit spectrum, capital structure, over-the-counter, and ASX listed, plus global currencies.

Helping investors access bonds

Bonds provide a regular and stable income as investors receive scheduled interest payments (called coupons) throughout the life of the bond provided the issuer does not default. With bank cash rates at all-time lows, bonds offer attractive yields above money in the bank.

Capital protection is a key benefit as the issuer returns the principal of a bond at maturity provided the issuer does not default. In the unlikely event of default of a corporate issuer, debt holders generally rank higher than equity holders in the capital structure, subject to any noteholder subordination.

IAM Model Portfolios

Our investment grade model portfolios are built for investors looking for predictable income in the current interest rate environment

The Golden Rule of Bond Investing

How this simple formula can help your portfolio shine

Jack Bogle created this easy to follow formula and it is widely used by investors across the world.  IAM Capital Markets’ Executive Director Jenna Labib discusses the concept, watch the video to learn more.

Access Australia’s leading fixed income research platform

We provide client access to external research from BondAdviser, Australia’s leading independent corporate fixed income research provider.

IAM Research Hub

IAM Capital Market’s Credit Strategy team provides investors with detailed issuer and issue specific credit and relative value opinions to assist with the investment decision making process.