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The Benefits

TMS (Treasury Management Service) brings the capability of three businesses together to deliver investors improved risk management capability whilst diversifying investment strategies to achieve better risk-adjusted returns.

Control rates over the long-term and manage rate movements with a tailored investment strategy
Manage the risks specific to your investment mandate with a bespoke investment approach
Enjoy multi-currency investments with our foreign exchange capability
Benefit from our innovative and efficient systems, technology, and processes
Access the combined expertise of our income investment specialists
Structure your liquidity to meet your cashflow needs
Minimise timing risks and balance liquidity with income
Benefit from the active management of your investment mandate
Access expert sub-custodial services through our partners at JP Morgan
Enjoy ease of placements through our 50+ ADI relationships
Gain access to alternative products to support enhanced liquidity
Get help when you need it, with expert management and support

Contact Us

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