Direct Fixed Income Investment

IAM’s Direct Fixed Income Investment service provides wholesale investors, advisers, and policymakers access to over 350 bonds including investment grade, high yield, government, domestic and international.

Our focus is to provide clients a broad view of fixed income markets. From government-issued bonds in Australian dollars to corporate high-yield issuers in foreign currencies, IAM Capital Markets provides detailed internal and external assessments of each issue to ensure investors can make informed decisions when either adding fixed income positions or deciding to adjust existing portfolios.

Providing wholesale investors with access to bonds.

Previously corporate bonds were only available to institutional investors as the minimum face value parcel size for a bond was $500,000.  With IAMs Direct Fixed Income Investment Service, wholesale investors can now buy bonds directly in small parcel sizes of $50k, enabling investors to build a well-diversified bond portfolio for $500,000.

The IAM Direct Fixed Income Service provides access to over 350 bonds from investment grade bonds from blue-chip corporates through to higher yielding bonds from smaller corporates such as Earlypay and Pioneer Credit.  Investors can choose from a model bond portfolio, or hand select bonds in parcels from $50k.

Our Direct Fixed Income Investment service provides:

Access to over
350 bonds

Relationship Manager

Market Insights
& Credit Research

Australian dollar and foreign currency-denominated issue

Credit Research

IAM Client

IAM Cash Management

ASX listed, Debt
& Hybrid Execution

Earn a Steady Income

Discover how Bonds can provide Investors with a steady income stream

Since the early 20th century, Bonds have been allowing smart investors to generate a steady income stream via their healthy interest payments.  In this video, IAM’s Executive Director, Jenna Labib, explains the advantages of Bonds.

IAM Research Hub

IAM Capital Market’s Credit Strategy team provides investors with detailed issuer and issue specific credit and relative value opinions to assist with the investment decision making process.

About Custodial Services

IAM Capital Markets have partnered with Mainstream Fund Services to provide investors fixed income custodial services. Mainstream Fund Services are now part of Apex Group Ltd.

Mainstream are a specialist custodial and administration services business with more than AUD138bn in assets under management, 100,000+ clients, and operations in eight countries.

Mainstream, as your custodian, provides the following services:

  • Transaction settlements
  • Instructing the sub-custodian (J.P. Morgan) for asset movements
  • Maintaining holding records
  • Valuations
  • Disbursing coupon and maturity payments
  • Providing monthly and yearly reporting data
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